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  • Best baby wrap overall

    Moby Classic Wrap Baby Carrier

    Photo credit: AmazonADD 

    Winner of Best Soft Baby Carrier in the 

    2022 Best of BabyCenter Awards

    , the Moby Classic Wrap has been deemed "easy to use and so comfy" from parents. In fact, several parents in BabyCenter's Community constantly say that the Moby is an essential tool because it kept their babies happy while getting things done: "I got so much housework done because of that wrap and outings were so much easier than lugging a car seat or pushing a stroller," said one parent. Another echoed these sentiments, praising the Moby for being "lightweight, packable, versatile, and great for the tiny baby stage."

    In addition to its portability and versatility, the Moby stands out for its fabric: a firm and substantial knit cotton that's less stretchy than fabrics containing spandex, lycra, or elastane, so it provides more support. This means that you can wear it for longer periods of time and with heavier babies. The length of the fabric is also a highlight, making it ideal for plus-size parents. The Moby comes in dozens of different colors and patterns, unlike most unobtrusive stretchy wraps available only in neutrals, with a pastel lavender, marigold orange, and ruby red amongst the choices.

    For parents who are intimidated by the idea of wrapping and tying, BabyCenter parents have reassurance: it's easier than it looks. Several parents suggest you practice wrapping at home before taking it out in public, and 

    Moby's library of educational videos

     can help you understand the babywearing basics. You can, however, put the wrap on before leaving the house. This way, the long piece of fabric won't drag on the ground and collect dirt, dust or germs.

    "I loved it when they were newborns/infants. Just practice a few times to learn how to wrap, it isn't hard at all once you get the hang of it. After they got a bit bigger I would switch to the Ergo."

    "I'm plus size and the regular wrap is more than long enough for me."

    "I have heavier babies so I opted for the material with less give, the Moby. I breastfed in it with no problems either and I have giant boobs. It's all in how you wrap and what's comfortable for you and baby. I probably could have gone with a Boba wrap without a problem too, but I felt more comfortable with a stiffer material."

    • Fabric: Cotton knit

    • Weight range: 8-33 pounds

    • Age range: Recommended for newborns and up


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